Boyne Smelter Race dates announced

We have settled on the Race dates for this season with the exception of the December Race at Tannum, that will be known in the next few weeks.

We will be conducting long and short tri, long and short duathlon, 5 k run and aquathons, (run swim run) at each event

All races are Sunday

We may have some events as enduro format. We will make that call once  the dust settles


September 14 -

October 12

November 16

December at Tannum sands most likely 14th December..possible December 7

February 8 –

February 22 –

March 15 -

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Season results 2013-14

Well it was a rather short triathlon season for 2013-14 and I have finally compiled the series winners.

So with great fanfare I declare that the Tuckers Cycle inn  season 2013-2014 will now be known as season of the twins as Jaq and Liam Smith have taken out the women’s and men’s long course triathlon series.

Great stuff by both of them. And they are still at school !!!!!


Season Winners are listed below


Women’s long course triathlon

1. Jaq Smith  2. Jayne Moyle  3. Alice Bowden


Men’s long course triathlon

1. Liam Smith  =2. Thomas Doering and Scott Kean


Men short course triathlon

  1. Tom Cumming  2. David Guinane 3. Simon Poole


Women’s short course triathlon

1.Victoria Gillies  2. Deb Minor 3. Rachel Gould


Women’s long course duathlon

  1. Kathryn Austin 2. Doline Rossi


Men’s long course duathlon

  1. Mitch Duncan  2. Lance Plahn  =3. Ricky England. Stephen Stone, Clinton Hebbard


Women’s short course duathlon

  1. Wendy Mason  2. AJ  3. Danielle Odorico


Men’s short course duathlon

=1. Roger McCutchan and John Earl 2. Jonathon Nelson


Australian Representative medal

Scott Wilson, John Auriac, Jim Griggs, Jayne Moyle and Dom Toole


There are trophies for fist place and medals for those that finished second or third.

If you have won a trophy you can pick it up from the office of Degani Bakery café Post Office and medals can also be collected. Medal winners if you contact me vial email on I will post them to you.


Again thanks for everyone’s effort and patience over the season.

Thanks to the volunteers and to our sponsor.

A big thanks to Russ Tucker of Tuckers Cycle inn for his major sponsorship olver many many years. I have certainly appreciated your efforts.

Sit tight all I have exciting news of our new series sponsor coming out soon.


Race 6, April 6th……Cancelled

Regrettably we have had to confirm cancellation of the last race therefore bringing the series to a close.

I will announce series winners within a month.

I hope to have extra races next summer to make up for the races lost in the last two season.

Thanks so much to all our helpers and to all the participants who enjoy the races



Facebook Group

Hi all , i have established a Facebook group which will allow members to contribute and update the world on how you went in races all over the world. Assist with updates on your training and update people on events that are coming up.

I have struggled to keep up with everyone and their progress and felt that this may be of assistance.

Please use wisely, become a member and spread the word


Race 6 Postponement

Unfortunately there is a double booking for the resort on the date of our last race, April 6.

This means that we have to reschedule or cancel this race. I am currently working on this.

However we may have to cancel the last race.


Good luck to all those heading to Mooloolaba.

As usual we will have a small ride and coffee run on Saturday. Will leave the surf club at 6.30 am


Safe drive and I hope you meet your goals



RACE 5 ,

Hi all, i hope you enjoyed today.

results are here

Remember if you find any mistakes ….I am not here :)…..

Just give me an email



race 5


Race 5 Entries now open

Hi Everyone,

I have just opened up online entries for the race 5. If you are going to make an online entry, please do so by 5:00pm 1st March – otherwise new entries and event changes can be made on the day.




It is unfortunate that we have to call off this weekend’s race.

While the rains are predicted to clear, the winds are still expected to be within 25-30kph. This would make the bike dangerous.

The decision was made today due to logistics regarding people travelling , the resort ordering food and many other smaller factors.

I am sorry for the inconvenience, we need to err on the side of safety.





Race 4 Feb 2….Weather Warning

With the low off the in the North of the state there is uncertainty of the race this Sunday proceeding.

I have attached the weather forecast for the state applicable to this Saturday, bearing in mid that this is very likely to change….

Saturday until Monday

There is considerable uncertainty in the forecast for the outlook period which depends greatly on the development and movement of the monsoon low. At this stage, scattered showers and thunderstorms are likely to persist across northern parts, and possibly through central parts of the state, with possible thundery rain areas. Much of the southern half of the state should remain mostly fine, although showers may continue about the east coast in the onshore flow.

The next routine forecast will be issued at 4:30 pm EST Tuesday.


Should conditions continue as they currently are we will make a decision regarding racing at 4 pm on Saturday Afternoon. Should the winds subside but the seas stay rough we will run a duathlon.


Cheers Shimma

Race 3 Wrap

Sensational day in Tannum Sands today and I must say the weather gods turned it on for us.

Great job by the organising crew and the race went ahead without a hitch.

Over 200 (which included teams) started and all but a couple finished…thankfully all finished the swim.

What did we learn?

• Ben Wreide won his third race on the home course and in doing so had the fastest time ever.

• Old Man Lawton still goes alright

• Jesse Madsen is quicker than her uncle

• Matt Jenkin from M1 cycles is sensational for giving another Treck bike away again this year

• 73 women competed in the long and short triathlons

• 78 people did the shortcourse

• Izzy Chisholm is the fastest in her family

• Kathryn Austin and Mitchell Earl came first, second, third and last in their events.

• klaas Banga is a sensational name

• Asher Roby has another race under his belt

• Mason Hebbart was nearly finished before he started

Again thasnks to everyone and as usual if there is a mistake in results sorry and let me know.

Results here

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