Results- Race 2

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Here are the results for race 2 hot off the press. As normal, if you have any issues, please contact me at


Race 2 Results


Cheers, Brett

Email Issues

Hi all, if you have being trying to email me on i am sorry for not getting back to you. We have issues with IInet so these emails are stuck somewhere…..if you need me just email me on for questions on this weeks event


Race Two

Hi all, race two of the Boyne Smelter Race series will be conducted at the Mecure resort this Sunday the 12th of October.

Race should commence at 7 am and once again all categories will be available.


We need Two people to man the turnarounds, or we can not race. So if I have two volunteers please let me know early.


Transition and registration will open at 6 am from the games hut


If you raced in the first race please bring your number from that race… are presented with a number in your first race and that will be your number for the season, so keep it please


If you are racing for the first time this season please go online and register here you will also need to fill out the membership form EVEN if you are a member of Frenchville sports club, no form no race. The form is here

If you have raced previously this season, and you are not changing your event, simply go pay and leave for transition. If you have raced and you are changing your event you can do this online or you can wait inline and change at registration.


This race will also be used for Central Queensland selection for secondary schools.


Due to many racers coming from out of town we commence presentations at 9.15 sharp. This enables those to head home after a long morning. We do not mean to offend those still out on the course, however the greater good J.


That also means we would like to get away as close to 7 am as possible. So if you decide to turn up and register at 6.45 you are putting pressure on us race briefing will be at 6.45.


If I have missed anything please let me know





Race 2 Entries Open

Hi everyone :-)

Online entries are now open for race 2 in the Boyne Smelter race series that will be held on the 12th of October 2014. As normal, online entries will close 5:00pm the day before. Entries and changes can also be made on the day.


Race 1 Results

Hi Everyone :-)

It was an awesome day to race. Here are the results of the first race for the season. If you find any errors or omissions, please contact Brett at williams.brett at

Race 1 Results


Race 1

Race 1 gets under way this Sunday the 14th of September.
Registration will commence from 6 am with the race due to start from 7 am
We will have the following events
Long Tri 750/24/5
Short Tri 375/14/2
Long Du 5/24/2
Short Du 2/14/1
Biathlon 1k run /375 swim 3k run
5k run
All tri and du $20
Teams of 3 $30
Teams of 2 $20
Run and Biathlon $10
Dinner with me $100 and my choice of venue J
To assist us in having a smoother flow through entry we ask you to pre register and have the membership form filled out.
Pleased note the membership fee is INCLUDED in your $20.00 race entry
Pre register is
Membership Form is
If you are under 18 your parent or guardian need to sign the document in their name and have you listed in the child section.
We need two people to man the bangalee turn and the Service station entry…..with out this we can not ride on the road…( police permit requirement)
The first race is always tricky so if you have these steps in place it will make it a little easier

Boyne Smelter Race dates announced

We have settled on the Race dates for this season with the exception of the December Race at Tannum, that will be known in the next few weeks.

We will be conducting long and short tri, long and short duathlon, 5 k run and aquathons, (run swim run) at each event

All races are Sunday

We may have some events as enduro format. We will make that call once  the dust settles


September 14 –

October 12

November 16

December at Tannum sands most likely 14th December..possible December 7

February 8 –

February 22 –

March 15 –

logo boyne

Season results 2013-14

Well it was a rather short triathlon season for 2013-14 and I have finally compiled the series winners.

So with great fanfare I declare that the Tuckers Cycle inn  season 2013-2014 will now be known as season of the twins as Jaq and Liam Smith have taken out the women’s and men’s long course triathlon series.

Great stuff by both of them. And they are still at school !!!!!


Season Winners are listed below


Women’s long course triathlon

1. Jaq Smith  2. Jayne Moyle  3. Alice Bowden


Men’s long course triathlon

1. Liam Smith  =2. Thomas Doering and Scott Kean


Men short course triathlon

  1. Tom Cumming  2. David Guinane 3. Simon Poole


Women’s short course triathlon

1.Victoria Gillies  2. Deb Minor 3. Rachel Gould


Women’s long course duathlon

  1. Kathryn Austin 2. Doline Rossi


Men’s long course duathlon

  1. Mitch Duncan  2. Lance Plahn  =3. Ricky England. Stephen Stone, Clinton Hebbard


Women’s short course duathlon

  1. Wendy Mason  2. AJ  3. Danielle Odorico


Men’s short course duathlon

=1. Roger McCutchan and John Earl 2. Jonathon Nelson


Australian Representative medal

Scott Wilson, John Auriac, Jim Griggs, Jayne Moyle and Dom Toole


There are trophies for fist place and medals for those that finished second or third.

If you have won a trophy you can pick it up from the office of Degani Bakery café Post Office and medals can also be collected. Medal winners if you contact me vial email on I will post them to you.


Again thanks for everyone’s effort and patience over the season.

Thanks to the volunteers and to our sponsor.

A big thanks to Russ Tucker of Tuckers Cycle inn for his major sponsorship olver many many years. I have certainly appreciated your efforts.

Sit tight all I have exciting news of our new series sponsor coming out soon.


Race 6, April 6th……Cancelled

Regrettably we have had to confirm cancellation of the last race therefore bringing the series to a close.

I will announce series winners within a month.

I hope to have extra races next summer to make up for the races lost in the last two season.

Thanks so much to all our helpers and to all the participants who enjoy the races



Facebook Group

Hi all , i have established a Facebook group which will allow members to contribute and update the world on how you went in races all over the world. Assist with updates on your training and update people on events that are coming up.

I have struggled to keep up with everyone and their progress and felt that this may be of assistance.

Please use wisely, become a member and spread the word


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