Race 1 – 2016/2017 Season

Greetings everyone!

First of all, apologies that it has taken so long to get this race season off the ground. As you may or may not be aware, our long time benefactor Capricorn Resort has suspended much of it’s operations in anticipation of a large redevelopment. To that end, we have been busy negotiating with them to try and retain what could be arguably be one of the the best race locations in the region. We have only recently come to an agreement, and we are very grateful for the resort’s continued support of our club.

This year’s race season will be known as Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant race season in reflection of the many years of support from Capricorn Resort.

The first race of this season will be held on the 13th of November, 2016

Transition and registration will open at 6:00am and we are aiming for a 7:00am start.

The events that we will be running will be:

Sprint (Long Course) Triathlon: 750m Swim/24km Ride/5km Run (Individual / Team)
Enticer (Short Course) Triathlon: 375m Swim/14km Ride/2km Run (Individual / Team)
Sprint (Long Course) Duathlon: 5km Run/24km Ride/2km Run (Individual / Team)
Enticer (Short Course) Duathlon: 2km Run/14km Ride/1km Run (Individual / Team)
5km Run (Individual)

(Please note that I have started to use the Triathlon Australia “standard” names for the lengths of the various events)

Entry fees for all individual events is $20 (paid on the day) and fees for team events are $10 (per person, paid on the day). If you make a family day of it, all of your entries will cost you no more than $40. Please note that we take your Frenchville Sports Club membership fees from your first race’s fee so you don’t need to bring any more money for that.

Registrations are now open and can be completed at the Online Entry page. Online entries will be open until 5:00pm, 12th November 2016. We will be accepting new registrations on the day from 6:00am, but it would be appreciated if you could use the online entry facillities as it makes things run much smoother on the day. (Please note that registering is not a commitment to race – it just makes sure that all of your details are already in the system. You registration is confirmed by payment on the day).

A point to note is that if you are entering a team, all members of the team must register separately, but nominate a team event and enter the same team name.

As this is the first race of the season, everyone will also need to fill out club registration and waiver forms. This can be found of the Club page of the web site. If you can fill out both pages of the form and bring it with you, this will make things run smoother. If you forget, dont’t worry! We will have forms available on the day. Note that we cannot accept your entry without a filled out membership / waiver form.

This race will also act as one of the two Capricornia Schools Triathlon team selection races. If this applies to you, please ensure that you follow the directions that have been sent to you by your school. (i.e. You are responsible for the entry of the student into this event)

If you are new to triathlon / duathlon and would like to give it a try, we would like to you. We are a friendly club that promotes physicall activity and participation over results. The first thing we would like to point out is the “Race Competition Rules” which are the rules on which our sport runs. Here is a web page that gives some more information for those new to triathlon / duathlon. A great way to start is to form a team with some friends and start with only one leg of the race!

Again, thanks for your patience and hope to see you on the 13th 🙂