Welcome Fitzroy Frogs Triathlon

Please be advised that following a request by the sub-committee of the Frenchville Frogs Triathlon Club, the Board of the Frenchville Sports Club have agreed to officially end the Frenchville Frogs Triathlon club.
I know some of you will be surprised, disappointed and perhaps confused by this turn of events, but I assure you that this move was not taken lightly.
On behalf of all CQ Triathletes, I wish to express my gratitude to the Frenchville Sports Club for their support over many years.
In the wake of this decision I can also announce that a new breed of frog that is stepping up to fill the void – welcome to the Fitzroy Frogs.
The basis of this new direction is that it is time for our participants to take the reins and become actively involved in the development and growth of triathlon in CQ. We all need to take ownership and renew our excitement for triathlon. With this in mind, the Fitzroy Frogs has affiliated with Triathlon Queensland and is now open for business.
The first objective will be to encourage membership and interest in the Fitzroy Frogs, closely followed with attention to the 2017/18 season agenda.
I trust that you will join with me in supporting the new club, which fully intends to retain the social and friendly aspects encouraged during our time as Frenchville Frogs, whilst also providing new and exciting opportunities for all that want to make a splash in triathlon.
Watch this space – more information will be arriving over the coming days and weeks.
Craig McCormack