About Membership

There are two very important aspects to membership:

  1. Supporting Fitzroy Frogs in its efforts to encourage and develop triathlon in Central Queensland, and
  2. Obtaining insurance protection suitable to your activity level.

TA Membership also gives you discounted entry fees to local and TA sanctioned events, so if you plan to do a few events over the season, there’s another good reason to become a member.

There are a few membership options, all managed via the Triathlon Australia (TA) website. The following link will take you to the membership application page where you will also find other details: http://www.triathlon.org.au/Membership/Annual_Membership.htm

In summary:

  • You can purchase annual TA membership that is heavily discounted by including club membership. Annual TA membership provides insurance (includes training) and reduces event entry costs (because you are already insured).
  • 4 week and 8 week “Try-Before-You-Buy” offers are also available for those still wondering.
  • And for anyone without membership that would like to do an event, your event registration will include an additional but very reasonable “one-day event” insurance fee (up to $25 depending on event distance).