Wayne and Brett

Thank You Wayne

Many Thanks and Best Wishes – Wayne Clifford

A few of us got together for a social at the Frenchville Sports Club last Saturday night, during which we spent a few minutes recognising and thanking Wayne Clifford for his generous efforts over many years. So many in fact that  Wayne wasn’t sure when it all began “somewhere around 2000” was the best he came up with.

I wont labour the point because under his manly, rowdy exterior is a gentleman that doesn’t want the attention; suffice to say that Frenchville Frogs exists because of Wayne Clifford’s willingness to put back into a sport that he loves.

There was no parting gift, apart from this promise, “Wayne, we will continue to develop and grow the Frenchville Frogs so that others may continue to benefit from your efforts”.

Those to benefit in future may include Wayne himself who said, perhaps in a moment of weakness, that he may return to participate in a Frogs event.

We also learnt that behind every technologically challenged Baby Boomer there is an IT buff, who in this case is Brett Williams. Brett has kept Wayne sane for many years with his efforts. The most notable conveyed to us on Saturday night was Brett’s automation of the finish-line. Apparently Wayne previously hand-wrote results as people crossed the line – ah, the good old days. Thank you Brett, and others too including Wellie, Doug, Ronan and no doubt others that I don’t know about.

Finally, again; Thank You Wayne. Frenchville Frogs is eternally grateful. All the very best.

From All of Us.

Wayne and Brett

Frogs Social – Saturday 20th May

Just a reminder for those still thinking about it, or a heads-up for those not yet in the know.

We are planning a Frogs “get-together” this Saturday night at the Frenchville Sports Club and sincerely extend this invitation to anyone that may be in need of some good company.

It will assist catering of nibbles if you can inform us of your attendance, but there is also room for you even if you decide to pop in at the last minute.

All being well, see you Saturday (apologies and best wishes to those of you doing Relay for Life).

Wayne and Brett

Tannum Timetable (and other bits)

Hello Participants (including those yet to register)

Below is the event timetable for our season finale at Tannum Sands on the 4th May.

I know this is a bit “formal” but the “brains trust” consulted in preparation for this event have indicated that our local events should have an “Event Feel”, helping people experience triathlon in the broad sense.

Where participant numbers are particularly low in any wave, they may be incorporated with another wave at approximately the same time (exact timing will be confirmed at race brief).

A significant point to note is that we will be closing transition at 6:40 am. Please be sure that your bike is racked and your transition gear is at the ready. If you are not ready by 6:40, you will be asked to clear the area and you can fix the problem during transition.

All Triathlon and Duathlon participants must also attend the race brief.

If you need advice or instruction, please don’t hesitate to ask one of the Frogs–in-vests. Their job is to look out for you and help you enjoy the occasion.

6:40                Transition close
6:45                Race Brief – Triathlon and Duathlon
7:00                Sprint Triathlon – Men
7:01                Sprint Triathlon – Woman and Teams
7:00                Sprint Duathlon – Men
7:01                Sprint Duathlon – Women and Teams
7:20                Enticer Triathlon – Men
7:21                Enticer Triathlon – Women and Teams
7:20                Enticer Duathlon – Men
7:21                Enticer Duathlon – Women and Teams
7:45                2.8 km Run
7:45                5.5 km Run
9:00                Presentation

Other points of interest:

Wetsuits will be optional

Water temperature is expected to be higher than 22°C, which according to Triathlon Australia rules, would prohibit wetsuits. However we know that some of you may be looking for a wetsuit swim in preparation for other events (and some of you may just be soft and need the comfort of a wetsuit).

Enjoyment is Mandatory


If you have any questions, please post a comment or send us a message on our Facebook page and we will get to you as soon as we can.


Craig McCormack
President, Frenchville Frogs Triathlon Club

Wayne and Brett

Season Finale. Tannum Sands, 7th of May 2017

It is always sad to see the end of a tri season, so this year the Frenchville Frogs Triathlon Club has decided to extend it into May with a Season Finale at the beautiful Tannum Sands.

Apart from the fantastic course, a feature of Tannum is that it attracts a broad field (geographically speaking). This gives us a chance to catch up with a few more distant friends, look back on the season (with some embellishment), but better still …. we get to look ahead.

Tannum will feature Triathlon, Duathlon and Run Only events in our usual social, non-competitive spirit. So please mark 7th May in the calendar, register and keep that training going a little longer.

As the sun sets on the 2016/17 season, please do come along and celebrate the occasion with the Frenchville Frogs Triathlon Club. And dont forget to tell family and friends, all are very much welcome.

On-line registrations are now open at www.frogstri.net

See you at Tannum.

Craig McCormack