Leadership Team

Behind every successful club is a broad base of supporters. From there we draw an army of helpers without whom we couldn’t survive. And in it up to their elbows is our leadership team.

Perhaps you’d like to meet our committee and hear what they do for your club.

Meet Your Leadership Team

Brett Williams is a long-term Frog, provider of sage advice and patron of All Things Technical. Brett prefers to stay out of the limelight, but if it weren’t for Brett there wouldn’t be a light. He is a great asset to the club so be sure to thank him for his years of service and continued patience with those of us that happen to break all things technical.

Leonie Wanchap is new to the committee (come to think of it, we all are) but not new to triathlon and certainly not new to living life to the full. What a great personality to have leading our club’s Social Development. Leone will be keeping an eye on the enjoyment of our membership, keeping the club honest with its social charter. Don’t say I didn’t warn you … this is going to be entertaining.

Rochelle Stenhouse  Yes, we are so pleased that Rochelle is on our committee. Not only a super competitor, but a super role-model. Rochelle has agreed to see that our club nurtures Junior Development. She will be looking for opportunities, plotting junior improvement ideas and making sure we cater as best we can to the special needs of our most important members – our future.

Graham Leeson He’s a hard man to catch but when you get a few minutes of his precious time you are in for some well-considered conversation. A thoughtful competitor is precisely who we need to keen an eye on the club’s Competitor Development. We know our “gun” athletes don’t need too much TLC but what about those that want to step up and become more competitive? And what about those that need some like-minded support? And do our activities provide what these individuals  need from local events? Graham’s job is to ponder such questions and keep the club attentive the these special needs.

Jacqueline Smith is wise beyond her years and has seen more triathlon than some of us will see in a lifetime. Still a junior herself, Jacqueline will be working closely with Rochelle attending to Junior Development. New as we are, the club is very keen to explore the development of of the TriStars program in CQ, and we think one of our home-grown TriStars is just the person to lead this very new and exciting chapter of our club’s development. We are very fortunate that a young lady like Jacqueline is willing to give back to her sport and we can all look forward to fresh and new ideas from someone so energetic. And keep up the training Jacqueline, it’s great to have you home again, we look forward to racing with you.

Jo Marshall has opted not to be on the front-line, but we cannot ignore someone that brings much to our club and on whom we are so dependant. Already knee deep in Club Administration (and plenty more where that came from), Jo is responsible for keeping us on track. They say it’s the quiet ones you need to look out for, please don’t forget to appreciate this quiet one, she loves the admin.

Me (Craig McCormack). I specialise in giving cheek and daydreaming. Fortunately I am surrounded by amazing people that can both tolerate me and interpret what I think I was dreaming … I think.

OK. I know that it is early days for the Fitzroy Frogs and we are yet to prove ourselves, but what an amazing leadership team nonetheless.

Your support of the Fitzroy Frogs leadership team is well deserved and very much appreciated.