Capricorn Resort

The Capricorn Resort, Yeppoon is where the majority of our races are held. We are very grateful to the resortĀ for the use of their use of their facilities.

Getting there:

From Yeppoon, head north on Yeppoon-Byfield Road until you hit the roundabout, with signs for Capricorn Resort. Take the third exit, and travel for approximately 4.7km until you find a signed right hand turn to the resort. Follow the road into the resort (as per the below map), keeping to the left of the buildings. You will pass by an “Employees Only” sign, and shortly will find the field that is used for parking, which is marked yellow on the below map.


Points Of Interest:

Yellow = Parking
Blue = Trasition
Green = Registration hut and finish line
Red = Start line for duathlon / 5km run
Black = Start line for triathlon


Triathlon Course:

Just before the race starts, the race briefing will occur in the transition area. Besides a briefing of course conditions, a helmet check will take place to ensure the safety of all participants. After the briefing, triathletes will walk to the beach for the start of the race.

The exact course of the swim may change to suit conditions at the time, but is usually a triangularly shaped course that has a distance of 375m. Short course triathletes will swim a single lap of the course, and long course triathletes will need to swim two laps.

Once the swim component has been completed, there is a short run to the transition area:


Once you have found your bike, ensure that your helmet is on before you remove your bike from the rack. Run with your bike to the mount point (coloured yellow on the below map) and then continue to ride out of the resort towards Rydges Access Road.


From the “T” intersection, head left. Continue until the crossroad Hinz Avenue, and turn around. Continue, past where you started on Rydges Access Road, until you come to a “T” intersection. Turn around again, and after a distance you will find yourself back at your starting point on Rydges Access Road. This is one lap – Short course athletes need to do two laps in total, long course athletes will need to complete three.


After completing your required laps, at the end of the last lap, turn right to return back towards the resort. Dismount your bike at the dismount line, and run your bike back to transition. Remember that your helmet must remain on until your bike is racked!

Run from transition and follow the path as per the map below to the start line.


Each lap is 1km in length, which means that short course athletes will need to do two laps, and long course athletes will need to do five.


At the end of the final lap, deviate to the side at the registration hut where the finish line is located.


The duathlon is exactly the same as the triathlon, except the initial run will start at the run start/finish line. When the requisite laps have been done, peel off to the right into transition.



5km Run:

The 5km run course is simply five laps of the run course, starting from the duathlon start line, and finishing at the registration hut at the end of the 5th lap.


Please ensure that your race number is clearly displayed when you cross the finish line. After you finish, there will be water, sports drink, lollies and fruit available to help you recover. There will a lucky prize draw, please stay around and enjoy the atmosphere!!