Welcome to Triathlon

Despite what you may think, triathlon accommodates a wide range of participation, so perhaps it’s time to let your inner triathlete shine.

Triathletes come from various walks of life, including walkers that become runners, runners that become cyclists, cyclist that become swimmers and swimmers that become runners – you get the picture.

Events vary but typical age and distance combinations are described in the diagram below (source Triathlon Australia).

Even if these events are beyond your current ability, we encourage you to come along and set your triathlon career in motion, by:

  • Entering an event that you know you can manage, just to become familiar, or
  • Perhaps you would prefer to join a team and learn from the advice and experience of others, or
  • What about a Duathlon (Ride-Run) or Aquathlon (Swim-Run) if you are not quite ready for all three legs?

Fitzroy Frogs is a friendly club where you will be welcomed and encouraged. We will definitely support your transition into what we know is a fantastically enjoyable and rewarding sport, so please come and join us.

Welcome to Triathlon.